Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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woffles wrote:

Good quality bokeh is simply a reflection of good quality aperture blades and well designed glass. Poorly finished aperture blades will give poor bokeh. The out of focus areas you see in a photograph are are actually representations of the aperture since a lens can only focus on a single plane in space. Focus of anything in front or behind this plane is controlled by the aperture blades. Hence, good quality blades = good bokeh, bad quality blades = bad bokeh. It's not subjective, it's simple physics. There's no opinions or arguments, only facts, bokeh is a physical thing. You are actually seeing the "quality" of the aperture of the lens in the out of focus areas.

Change all the words bokeh to blur in oof areas, still the same statement. I agree with everything you said.  Well, not all.  People could very well like the cheaper aperture blades, the may like busy bokeh.  In music, many folks like cheap modeling amps and say they like the sound better than expensive tube amps.  Taste is subjective.  You can say more and better blades make for smoother, or rounder, or whatever, but not better in a concrete way because some may disagree.

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