Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Going to bed guys, this has been an all day thread

It's been a hoot.  We'll take it up tomorrow I'm sure.

Bokeh, what a cool word, coolest word in photography.  Why, we can't have such a cool word only mean boring old blur.  I know, we can at least cloud up the issue cause we could say something like "it is the quality of the blur".  That way it sounds esoteric, mystical, and if someone calls us on the silly statement, we will just say, we meant the entirety of the quality of blur, meaning we are saying truth that its just blur.  But saying as "it is the quality of the blur" at least clouds it up se we can still make it seem like it's something other than blur, uh, even though the word means BLUR in Japanese.

What a great word.

Night guys, thanks for participating.

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