Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Are you for real?

RusYus wrote:

are you trying to say you don't see the difference between meaning of 'blur' and 'quality of blur'?

Please rephrase the question.  I have said there can be several qualities of blur.  Please be more specific.

between 'camera' and 'quality of camera'? 'car' and 'quality of a car'?

say what?  Not sure what you are getting at,  please be more detailed.  Someone can say " I think this camera is a quality product".  That is a SUBJECTIVE assessment that may not mean anything to others.  they may disagree.  Then you can use the word quality as descriptions of aspects of that camera.  That would not be subjective and everyone will agree with the statements if they are true.  the camera has the quality of being black, of being new, or several other true descriptions.

quality is not 1 specific quality,

Who said it is.  But a quality is a description of an aspect.  So it can describe one specific aspect.  or you can say it is overal a quality product, that's subjective.

it's literal translation. (cumulative - all qualities combined)

And you ask if I am for real, lol.  please  be more specific.

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