A7R light leak, are you guys serious? Get real.

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Re: A7R light leak, are you guys serious? Get real.

KwhyChang wrote:

slpianoproject wrote:

Ok so I see alot of posts here about the light leak issues on A7 and A7R. People claiming they gonna test for light leak on their camera and return it if they notice the issue etc... You guys can't be serious. While I understand it might not be acceptable for that caliber of camera to exhibit such issue, lets put together in perspective the actual impact of it :

From tests I saw, you have to cover up your lens carefully, shoot a 30 sec exposure at ISO 25600 and boost the exposure 4 stops in lightroom to see the leak (depending on how severe it is). Some might get it without using lightroom just at ISO 25600.

Ok now for the numbers :

30 secs exposure at ISO 25600 is actually :

7680 seconds (2 hours and 8 mins) at ISO 100.

3840 seconds (1 hour and 4 mins) at ISO 200

1920 seconds (32 mins) at ISO 400


480 seconds (4 mins) at ISO 3200

240 seconds (2 mins) at ISO 6400

See what I'm doing here? From ISO 25600 to ISO 100 there is a whooping 8 stops of light from a 30 seconds exposure. IN WHAT FREAKING SITUATION WILL YOU SHOOT 30 SECS AT ISO 25600??!?!?!?! Astrophotographers get out there and shoot the milky way for 30 secs at ISO 800. If you are shooting a completely static subject in a VERY dark environment at ISO 100 you'll end up using what, a 10 mins exposure? We are FAR FAR from 2 hours here.

If you guys think you'll run into an issue with a light leak on this camera you either need to stop shooting next to a black hole or you are one in a million photographer out there. Open your lens, and if it doesn't cut it, come back when there is actual light to photograph your subject. I mean comon. Photography is about light, not the absence of it.

Let the flaming begin

Edit: At 30 secs ISO 25600 anyway you'll end up with a complete noisefest might as well not keep the photo... just saying.

TLDR: You guys are freaking out with this issue.


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