Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Final Explanation. Nothing to do with optics...

Those of you who ever studied foreign languages, came across some words that cannot be translated into a different language in one word but rather a phrase. Those are called 'lacune' - basically a 'language gap'.

In photography there was a time when we would say something like 'a picture has out of focus background, and the quality of out of focus area is very smooth (edgy, pleasant, etc.)' Then came along some japanese dude and said 'hey, we have a great word in our language (boke-aji) that means "quality of blur" ', and some english dudes said 'cool, lets use it', and now original sentence became: 'a picture has out of focus background, and bokeh is very smooth (edgy, pleasant, etc.)' (notice, not even 'quality of bokeh', just 'bokeh')

NOWADAYS, bunch of people (i'd even say majority) started using 'bokeh' interchangeably with 'blur' (because 'bokeh' is a more fashionable or stylish word) and that created a lot of confusion, including current thread.

Moral of the story: Majority is not always right

that's all folks!

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