Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

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Re: NO, EVF was one of the major reasons I bought the Stylus1

Michael Meissner wrote:

As I said in another post, the EVF was one of the 3 major reasons I bought the Stylus1:

Sure, different people want different things :). (If everyone wanted the same thing the whole industry would be a lot more boring!)

For you, and clearly a whole lot of other people, the EVF is worth the tradeoffs. I'm only wondering whether there's any other people (like me) for who it's not.

(So I'm not saying the Stylus 1-with-EVF shouldn't exist - it should! Rather I'm curious if the Stylus1-without-EVF should also exist, or if I'm the only one who wants it.)

FWIW, I think the fact that you were looking for a superzoom gives it away: in my case the range of alternatives I would consider extends not upwards but downwards, towards the RX100, XQ1, and company (and the Stylus 1 itself is, because of the EVF, just barely too big).

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