Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: no disadvantage
Can you think of a case where a cell phone is superior to a M4rds camera for photography purposes?

I have shot 4/3 and Olympus C-series cameras for years, and I prefer the smaller sensors for macro, by a lot. They perform better.

I think that the issue here is that noise does not increase linearly, at least on the digital cameras that I've used. So when you bump up ISO to match the shutter speed and DOF of smaller-sensor cameras, you don't necessarily get an equivalent result. You might get a worse result. In fact, I prefer my C8080 to my Olympus 50mm f2.0 for macro, although to be fair, I could probably get a better result from the 50mm macro if I took the time to set up the shots. But I don't want to. That counts against the larger format, because it's a useability issue.

IMHO, FF has too shallow DOF. Photographers struggled for years in all formats to get everything in focus, using elaborate techniques like tilting lenses in large format, and all of a sudden in the digital age being able to get everything in focus easily is a disadvantage! My 50mm 2.0 macro is TOO SHALLOW wide open. It needs to be stopped down considerably, maybe two stops at least, three is better, for head and shoulders shots. And people need SHALLOWER DOF than that? Er, OK.

FF to me wins on noise and dynamic range. The DOF issue is a loss for FF, and maybe for small-sensor cameras too. APS-C and especially m43 have it about right--you can easily manipulate apertures and distances to get the effects you want. Being in focus is not a bad thing, despite what some people would have you believe.

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