Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

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Re: Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

I assume, for the moment, that everything Sigma has said about the Quattro is true. I plan to buy one in some reasonable period after introduction, about the time they have most of the early firmware kinks worked out.

I expect the camera to do well in color up to about ISO 800 and maybe at 1600, and to have a much improved DR, coupled with an effective performance equal to a 40+MP Bayer sensor at reasonable ISO  settings. In most situations it will crush any APS-C Camera in terms of performance, and probably most, if not all, full frame cameras. I expect it to get about a 75 from DPR, if it ever gets reviewed. And it will continue to be difficult to directly compare Foveon (Quattro) images with Bayer images.

Despite the FUD being spread by various folks in these forums, and what passes for thinking, Sigma has been conservative in terms of its own marketing for its cameras. The X3 idea was never used to claim that it was three times as good as a Bayer sensor (or per pixel), simply that per pixel it was better. Sometimes I think people are so busy reading between the lines they do not even read or understand the actual words.

Is it going to perform better than the Merrill sensor? Yes, significantly. Is it going to be a better *camera* than the DP2M? Yes. Is it going to be a sales leader in the small camera market? Never. This is in the nature of Subaru compared to Honda. Sigma may be aiming to be the Japanese version of Zeiss, or more like Fuji, but not another version of Canikon.

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