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I'm a long time Nikon photographer but my recent experiences with the compact range was disappointing.

Last year I bought a Coolpix s5200 to replace my broken 2009 Canon Ixus, just to learn that is was orders of magnitudes slower, even slower than my old Coolpix 995 (2002 for those who remember).

The s5200 just stopped working, ok it will be replaced under warranty, but it will be downgraded to 'last resort cam.

So... I bought a S9500 ... that cam died after three weeks, with less than 200 shots taken...of course just before my son's swimming exam..My old D50 came to the rescue, but that's so bulky and my wife can't hold it. The S9500 was replaced by the shop and guess what happened.....within two weeks. I'm now considering a non-nikon compact. Which one would you take?

p.s. its not to bash Nikon, I love my new D5300, best I had so far but I also need a small pocketable cam for the day to day household pictures

Nikon's P330 is very small, has a relatively large sensor for its size, and produces photos with excellent resolution, corner to corner. Better yet, the price has plunged because it's about to be replaced by the P340 ($229 vs $377) which hasn't been changed very much, mostly replacing GPS with Wi-Fi.

while I do believe the p330 has the potential to output truly  great images I found the operation to be so frustrating that I sold mine after struggling to come to terms with it (60 days)

the menu is cumbersome, the camera is slow to negotiate the menus...on and on and on.

This was one camewra that could do a great job but was so slow for my wants/needs/desires that I found it a new owner.


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