D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: Dongles and WFTs

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Still lacks wifi and gps. Basic and features found on years old hundred quid compacts!!!! It concerns me how nikon Just doesn't get it. please can someone tell nikon it is no longer 2005

Plenty of connectivity options exist for top-tier pro cameras. Professional photographers have been sending digital image files by wire and wireless for a number of years now. Nikon has marketed wireless file transmitters for these cameras, at least since the D2-series.

a wifi dongle is totally unacceptable in 2014. It should have been unacceptable 5years ago on any Dslr let alone the nikon flagship.

A dongle or WFT can be left behind, when entering a nation, jurisdiction, or location that does not allow radio equipment, due to laws, regulation, or operational mandate.

do you not take a phone?

No, not everywhere. Have you never been to a location that prohibits all forms of mobile communication devices? I work in the criminal justice system, so the first places that come to mind are prisons, jails, and detention areas. Some judges will prohibit such devices in their courtrooms. If I were to be tasked with approaching a suspicious device, that might be explosive, to get some images, I would leave my mobile phones behind, at a safe distance, and leave my portable radio switched to the "off" position. I am not (yet!) prohibited from having photography equipment with radio communication, but it would violate protocol, in most cases, for me to transmit images wirelessly, if these images were captured in the line of duty.

I am more familiar with Canon products; the Canon 6D, which normally has wi-fi, is available without it, and the 600EX-RT Speedlite, which has radio triggering, is also available as the 600EX, sans radio triggering.

I have traveled very little internationally, to date, so have not encountered places where radio equipment is prohibited by law, but have read about such places.

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