Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

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Re: Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

PrebenR wrote:

PicOne wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

Hope that Sigma releases a Q DSLR in a Canon-mount option

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Lightwriting with Sigma

Why is this so?   Ricoh has offered cameras with M-mount, Kodak for a brief period offered choice of Canon or Nikon mount, m43 lenses obviously work across camera brands.  Sigma stands in a unique position of all camera/lens makers of being able to do this, having already successfully reverse engineered the mount/communication protocols for other mounts (the tamron/tokina/kiron/quantaray, etc. brands don't make cameras).   IMO would be an awesome new beginning in the camera industry.

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