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Jim Radcliffe
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Oh, I have been Duded...

Dave Sanders wrote:

The only hysteria I see is by those denying that it's an issue while not fully understanding what the issue is. For those of us who shot hundreds of exposures in the 2-3 minute range a month, it is, as you might guess, significant.

Dave, I am not denying it is an issue.. I have it.. I shoot long exposures.. did so this last week with no problems using the remote release... never leave the compartment open when not using the remote.. which plugs the hole.. and blocks the light.

Should it have been a perfect camera... well, yeah... we all know that.

The reaction here is so predictable... panic, frustration, name calling, anger, more frustration.. cancelled orders.. more frustration... over something that can be easily handled... but then that means the X-T1 is not perfect and well... Fuji must be brought to task by those who spent their hard earned money on a clearly defective and sub-standard camera.  (not my words)

Yes.. the light leak should have been caught.. we are in agreement... but don't tell me there is no hysteria here.

Some here will never open that compartment and it truly will be a non-issue for them.
Some will open that compartment and have every right to expect it to be light-tight.. and I do agree with them.. but I'm not returning the camera based on that as I know how to keep the issue from being a problem.

For those who don't want to handle the issue themselves.. yes, go ahead and return the camera.. you have every right to expect perfection in production models.

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