Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, interesting - brown olor is not "quality"

KariP wrote:

"To simplify, bokeh is a quality of blur;

No it is not. Brown is a quality of a chair. We can measure the shade of brown,w e can all agree to call that shade brown, the brown shade is a real quality of that chair that can be demonstrated. Now, you give me a quality of bokeh that is also the same for everyone like brown is for everyone when describing the chair.-- "

Brown is just a description of a group of colors - there are thousand of different "browns" - some of them more like disgusting and some pleasing - beautiful even . And you can make a "brown" color (paint) in many ways by blending greens and reds and other stuff. Just try.

What we call brown matters not. the point is, we can all see the shades and agree to call it brown. Human beings see the same shades and can differentiate them, that's all that matters.

And we do NOT see the colors in a same way - not even if we belong to this same species, humans . Some of us males have a genetic green/red deficiency and they do NOT see the same "quality" - hey might claim that your "brown" (you say it is objective ) is more like green. And they know what they see and say YOU are wrong.

We know how the eye cones work, how they capture the visible light spectrum. color isn't something that is arbitrary light at certain wave lengths that even if we were totally blind we could measure.
but there are some people out there who are color blind for whom green and red can be confused as each other. but this is a abnormality in the functioning of the eye.  Really, are you going to go this far in to saying bokeh is something different than blur, really?

I'm looking at my chair that is a well known modernistic "design icon" - hell, it looks good and it is red - the color looks very good in this home against that background. My subjective vision is the whole truth about this. A beautiful HIGH QUALITY chair - and you can not argue. You can NOT see it. I can.

Our eyes, for what we are talking about operate the same if we are both healthy.  this is meaningless stuff here.  Our value of something is COMPLETELY subjective, the tiny differences in shades that two healthy eyes see is meaningless to talk about in this debate.

Some people see bokeh pleasing - some do not. We have to start measuring our brain waves if we want to measure this...

That is thier value of it, completely subjective.

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