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Jim Radcliffe
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Re: I discovered my X-T1 melts when placed in an oven...

Graham Hill wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Just saying....

Is placing a camera in an oven part of NORMAL operation?

No, I didnt think so.

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"Film is not a means to the end of "looking like film"... Making film-based photographs is an end in itself for me, not some kind of elaborate photoshop plugin. If I can't put Tri-X in the goddamn thing, I don't want it."

I have the light leak when I shine light directly into the remote/mike jack.. but of course when a device is plugged in there is no leak.  I do long exposures and when I do I use the remote release or I use the timer with the door to that compartment shut.

Is shining a bright LED flashlight in the compartment while shooting NORMAL operation?
Is pointing the camera at the sun with the compartment open while shooting NORMAL operation?
No, I don't think so.

Should it have been caught by Fuji, of course.  
Is this a sensor disaster like the orbs?  No.

Easy fix.. not worth the hysteria seen in this thread.

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Jim Radcliffe
The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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