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Re: ISO matters a little and lens cap ON matters a lot...

D200_4me wrote:

Bottom line for me? I don't really do much shooting with the lens cap ON

10 stop ND.

...and...I don't do any high ISO long exposure shooting at all (high ISO seems to make it a little worse, but not much at all, with the lens cap OFF)...so I hereby declare this a false alarm and a non-issue for me (me personally). You all may come to a different conclusion, but I'm officially ignoring this because from my own testing, I think it be very unlikely that anyone using the X-T1 I have in front of me to produce this flare in a real shooting situation.


Low ISO long exposure. If you don't do that type of shooting, fine, but don't smugly deride it as a non-issue when long exposures are such a normal photographic exercise, especially with the X-series which have great long exposure noise control.

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