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Re: 3,000,000,000,000

altair8800 wrote:

falconeyes wrote:

or about three trillion, that's about the max. number photons hitting a full frame sensor before it clips at iso 100.

Therefore, ten trillion would make for a nice pixel count, each pixel being either 0 or 1, the true binary sensor.

Any pixel count smaller than that: a compromise

I like that resolution. Great for cropping, but may be a bit short on dynamic range.

If each sensor pixel with certainty could tell if it was hit by a photon or not, this sensor would have much better dynamic range than today's sensors.

If you don't agree, try to answer this question:

Which information from the incoming light was lost by the sensor?

If nothing was lost (and no false information added), how can the sensor be a bottleneck for dynamic range?

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