Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Who is a good photographer - and what is the definitive moment...good questions

KariP wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:


Who decides what the quality is? Oh, that must be subjective, unless you can give some concrete qualities of the quality.

I think I have clearly shown the modern, mystical attempted definition of bokeh to be simply gibberish that can't be rationally defended as being a definition. Bokeh is simply blur due to dof, no artsy, mystical concept there at all.

Good question ! What is quality - of anything? Who knows and how - and why is HE entitled to say anything....

Absolutely correct.  Either quality is completely subjective, "I think the painting is overall is a quality work of art" Others may not, which means completely in the mind.  And the other is quality as a description of something concrete that can be measured, the chair has the quality of being brown.  Saying bokeh "IS THE QUALITY" is simply meaningless gibberish.

What is the definitive moment we/some talk about , the thing that "makes" the image something - or something special

I admire for example Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau - and many others. That is very subjective - i have not found any proofs based on some/any measurable criteria.

Great example.  It is valuable to you subjectively, no way to have a definition of what that value is that everyone could measure and agree on, so the other side can't mean "Is the quality" in this way, or they would be admitting that it exist only in the mind.  Yet when we ask them to define it in the real world for all to agree on all they can do is gives qualities/descriptions of differing kinds of blur, which is all still, BLUR.  If bokeh is anything beyond blur they should be able to give a concrete set of parametrs that explain what is is for all and it would clearly show it is something MORE than blur, but they can't, which makes the so called definition nothing but gibberish.

In a very logic way : i think they are good photographers because i think they create good images....and some others see their old photos just as unsharp B&W boring snapshots. And i think they are good - no objectivity at all... who could decide they are good ? Who is the supreme photographer's god ?

But how do we define for example "definitive moment in photography" ? It is just random moment (1/250sec) in some very random place anytime - and the subject can be whatever. How can THAT be definitive - and who can tell when that moment comes? Photography is full of good questions!

Here a guy tries to find an answer with a psychological method, in a rather long essay :

Photographic Psychology: The Decisive Moment

And in the end he says: "Although I have attempted in this article to identify the specific psychological elements of the decisive moment, it is very much an artistic, philosophical, and poetic concept that’s not easy to pin down in any specific way. If you examine online photo-sharing groups devoted to DM photography, each group defines it differently. Some have very strict, meticulous criteria (different than what I propose). Some offer a simple definition, such as “Have you been blessed by space and time, to have pressed the shutter release button at exactly the precise moment to get the perfect shot?” Others simply refuse to explain it at all. - See more at: "

Some lenses are used by some photographers - and some see the bokeh results as great - seeing something is a skill. Especially if you see before you push the button. You have it or you can get it by practice. I mean seeing and using a thing like "bokeh" to create better images.

This is a very good project ! just study it say, next 10 years.

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