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Faulty I/O port implementation appears to be the problem, there would be ports even without video. Many Fuji users want even better video in their cameras. This is a tired debate. I used the 5DII for personal and professional video work for 4 years. It was also used to shoot TV network and cinema dramas and combat documentaries (not by me). This only proves that video in digital cameras is useful and desirable to many, just not necessarily to everyone.


I've used the 5Dm2 and 5Dm3 for video production and still consider them subpar in both terms of video quality (without Magic Lantern) and usability for actual video shooting. Yes, it is a tired debate but these bodies are optimised for still photography and it results in a horde of practical issues with video.

Four years ago the mark II caused a small revolution in digital video, but imho the honeymoon period with DSLR cinematography is nearing the end and indie shooters are migrating towards purpose-built budget(ish) cameras like the C100-300 and Black Magic products. Panasonic has chosen to emphasize video features in their m4/3 cameras with good results, but at the expense of still photography, where their IQ is lagging behind competition.

Raw video provided by the ML hack on 5Dm3 has secured the DSLR a spot in production situations where a RED is too big or costly, but the XT-1 is a far cry from that. Even the ancient mark II is miles ahead of the X-T1 in what comes to video features, and even if there are users who want video, X-T1 does not deliver on that front at all, and I'd prefer Fuji leaving them out from future models.

I think the real winner for 5d was the fact that you could snap a high quality photo lens and have a camera system that would otherwise cost many tens of thousands at that time.

But I agree the dslr video period is almost over, and I see using 5d's only in a very budget restrained productions that can't rent red or such. Sort of out of a necessity, while years back it was the big thing.

So I also agree that forcing so called professional video features to photo cameras today is just making it look good on paper. Most of those consumer cameras wouldn't be the choice of professional videographer regardless if it has mic input or not, but all reviewers always seems to put lack of mic input as a big negative in their reviews. Sort of like a pretend play so we can wire our pretend Lavs to our pretend pro video equipment to make a pretend YouTube viral video.

I haven't heard anyone say the Fuji X-cams have professional video features forced into them.  I think this is the wrong forum for that complaint.  Even Fuji has said they've put no priority into video as the X-cams are still cameras.  I would think most still camera video-haters would be happy with Fuji's "keep it minimal" video approach.

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