Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Dealbreaker for me

PVCdroid wrote:

Per a customer support chat session just now, the level gauge is gone on the A6000. Too bad and I must be one of the few that rely on this feature. Other posters here seem disinterested in this capability.


I'm interested in the A6000 but can't find that it has a leveling gauge for the LCD. Both the A3000 and A5000 have this feature. Can you confirm that it IS NOT on this new camera?


Upon checking the a6000 has no digital level gauge.

I also was getting ready to put the money down on an A6000 because of the faster AF (including in AF-S which there was a panic over) and some of the other goodies, but not now.  The level-guage was the only thing that stopped me selling my NEX-5R for an NEX-5N (prefer the metal build, visible silver buttons, better LCD/touchscreen and sensible strap lugs on the 5N).  I use the level-guage a lot and it has increased my 'keeper' rate enormously

If the feature really is missing off the final camera then I'm not interested in it

Now I will keep my NEX-5R (with level-guage) instead.  I may get the A77 replacement if (?) it eventually appears and offers good AF, otherwise I will sell my long Sony glass and move to Canon for telephoto stuff and keep my NEX for walkabout (sad)

I don't understand why this feature was missed off either

- Did they forget? (Sony are getting *really* sloppy recently with pricing and website mistakes and all these problems with the A7 so I guess this is possible)

- Did a product manager deliberately sabotage the model so that it wouldn't have better sales that the FF bodies? (Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of unhealthy rivalry within Sony that only damages their relations with their clients)

- Were they so keen to make a profit that the position sensor was missed off? (I guess the part has a component cost of less than $1 = $5 max impact on price - probably less).  Doesn't bode well for the construction quality of the rest of the camera if this is the case (see A7 for more examples...)

I also don't understand why other posters aren't interested.  I guess many of them simply aren't using a lot of their camera's features

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