More pixels?

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Sure why not, but only at the same time have better DR

Currently have 1D MK II, 1DSMK II,  1DS MK III, D800E will most likely add a A7R soon, so I do have a pretty good idea what role resolution plays in my photo, I can always use more pixels than what I already have, more pixel will never hurt especially when comes large print and for cropping and when my lens is not long enough. However, improvement on DR department is more beneficial to me as a landscape shooter, I can see the huge improvement in DR in the D800E over the other model I have in the past and I believe I can continue to take advantage of the higher and high DR sensor in the future, until the day I can trash all my GNDs, so as of today if I have a choice and can only get one improvement over my D800E I would pick a further DR improvement over a resolution jump, of course I will not complain if I can get both even I have pay some big $$$$ for that.

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