Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

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Re: Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

I use Lightroom 5 on both a Mac and a PC. I see no difference using it on either platform. I do not use a laptop for processing , although I have a Lenovo 15' laptop. In my case, I've find it easier to take a picture/ video , then view using my Retina iPad  and when I get home I process using my 2 desktops. I never actually transfer any pictures to the iPad. I use my Airstash to look at the pictures using its built in wi-fi network.

Why PC and Mac desktops ?............simply because each platform has certain software that I like to use.

I'm a subscriber to the Adobe CC annual subscription program. I also use Dxo Optics Pro. I seldom use Lightroom anymore because , after lots of personal trial and error, I found the database program system just unnecessary and with the idea of having to save multiple copies of the catalogs to prevent possible catalog corruption just not a good plan. I have about 95 gigs of stuff and I have no problems finding or sorting stuff using the basic non-database software. I guess it goes back to how well you personally organize stuff. The software that comes with today's cameras is pretty good for basic sorting and loading.

The previous author's comments about using a Mac or PC laptop and a second 24 inch monitor seems like a good idea. I use a 27 and 22" monitor.

I hope this helped some.

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