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Re: Wow, I don't get it - are there only nerds left buying cameras

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:


with all respect - this is really a stupid and escapist test.

If you check all cameras on the market in this manner, a lot of them will show this kind of "issue".

The next one will open the card slot, doing the same "test".

Even in bright sunlight, and open flap (because using a remote) this area will be in shadowed, and the main source will be plugged.

I dare to say, that in 99.999999999% of all situations this will NOT be an issue. So far ahead of the most demanding six-sigma demands.

Tell him about that : http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53213359

From an engineers point of view I can only shake my head and pity all camera manufactures in todays time. People are obviously buying cameras only to search for the tiniest flaw, even if it doesn't matter for any practical application - it's kind of a hobby. Technic nerds, but for sure no photographers with some sense for reality.

To make it clear, I am not defending Fuji here, I am openly blaming the narrow-mindedness of so many users today. Hang me for it, but that's my opinion.



From an engeneers point of view I can only say, "Sh..t happens. - We got to fix it  a.s.a.p.".

It is Fujifilms top notch camera modell claiming to be dust and moisture sealed. In the meantime several users had dust spots on the sensor which can not be removed. There might be other issues which are not found out yet. At least the sensor assembly should be an all around sealed unit ! But light entrance and dust under the sensor´s protective glas does not speak for an engeneering effort which can give the customers much confidence to the over all quality of the product.

Have fun ...


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