Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, interesting - brown olor is not "quality"

"To simplify, bokeh is a quality of blur;

No it is not. Brown is a quality of a chair. We can measure the shade of brown,w e can all agree to call that shade brown, the brown shade is a real quality of that chair that can be demonstrated. Now, you give me a quality of bokeh that is also the same for everyone like brown is for everyone when describing the chair.-- "

Brown is just  a description of a group of colors - there are thousand of different "browns" - some of them more like disgusting and some pleasing - beautiful even .  And you can make a "brown" color (paint) in many ways by blending greens and reds and other stuff. Just try.

And we do NOT see the colors in a same way - not even if we belong to this same species, humans . Some of us  males have a genetic green/red deficiency and they do NOT see the same "quality" - hey might claim that your "brown" (you say it is objective ) is more like green. And they know what they see and say YOU are wrong.

I'm looking at my chair that is a well known modernistic "design icon" - hell, it looks good and it is red - the color looks very good in this home against that background. My subjective vision is the whole truth about this. A beautiful HIGH QUALITY chair - and you can not argue.  You can NOT see it. I can.

Some people see bokeh pleasing  - some do not. We have to start measuring our brain waves if we want to measure this... 

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