Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

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Re: I sort of did...

Hi, Kelvin Hammond. Just my 0,02

KelvinHammond wrote:

but really, I went from Sony to Nikon to Canon.

The biggest reason was availability. Most smaller towns in the nation only have

Bestbuy or Costco, neither of which is predictable for having a good stock of anything, but never a good stock of Sony camera related items.

Availability of? At what price?

That means if you're shooting Sony and your camera dies, and all your lenses are Sony, you're screwed till you can get a new one in the mail (unless you live in LA, SF, or NYC)

You probably missed the point that a camera "back up" in Sony lineup cost 300 US$ only, since the entry level (A37) already have ALL basic features required by a pro so that it can continue to work in excellent conditions as well. So what??!

My problem with Nikon had mostly to do with the rear screen preview, which I think sucks compared to the Canon rear screen. The Nikons always look flat and lifeless in comparison.

It dosen't matter if the rear screen sucks, since the image is polluted by the stray ambiant light. How to solve the problem? By the use of an EVF, designed to protect your eyes from all parasitic ambiant light, thanks to his confinement of course!

And I wasn't a big fan of the 50mile long menu. But the images were great, noise was low, and they're great mechanically.

To me, the Canon was instantly more intuitive to use, and had more options for customization, like when using the Picture Style Editor to create your own instead of being stuck with what the cameras come with. Sony's have very limited customization options. What I really like about the Canon is that I can get the rear screen to match what I want - WYSIWYG, and I like the menu organization better.

Ironically, the Sony EVF-SLT system, is the only one which can guarantee a WYSIWYG workflow. No more Canon nor Nikon are able to provide that, except with the use of a laptop connected to the camera!

Oh, and neither Sony or Nikon offered a 24-105L 4, which is the configuration I need for a good portion of what I do.

I still have a NEX7 and an a33 though...

Nex 7 is an E-mount, a universal platform on which you can mount virtually any lenses of the world: who wrote on availability with all the proprietary mounts? Thanks to?

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