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ZTJ wrote:

Welp, I did some long exposure tests and can definitely see light if it's shining into the ports. It is pretty easy to block. In fact, my cable release seems to block it almost entirely for the mic port anyway.

But, it's still completely unacceptable. I suspect there will be a service advisory. I intend to contact Fuji USA repair and report the issue and see if they can fix it immediately on a case by case basis. If not, I will consider returning the camera until the issue is resolved or at least acknowledged by Fuji. I do enjoy long exposures from time to time (why else own a Lee Big Stopper?) and while most images will not be affected by this, it's a painful thing to have an expensive device that has a flaw that it should simply not have. It would be like buying a sports car that was designed to go 150mph but yours couldn't. It would explode at 100. You almost never drive over 85 so you don't really care. But, you'll also know you can never take it to a track and open it up.

That's just wrong.

And so it is a real problem that is mitigable, but, not irrelevant.

For those keeping track, I am aware of a light leak flaw on the Sony A7R (and possibly A7) as well as Canon 5D Mark III.

Sony as announced a service advisory, and Canon fixed their bodies in a similar manner.

In the case of Canon, the light leak came in through the top LCD panel and impacted exposure metering even when not doing long exposures so it was actually a more serious flaw. The amusing part? They repaired it with electrical tape inside the body. Perfectly reasonable, but, amusingly simple to me.

It does appear that others have tested and found their X-T1 unaffected by this problem. That's great news. What it means is most likely there is simply a part missing from the affected cameras and it will be easy to repair.

I should mention that I got my X-T1 via Amazon in their initial shipment.

I don't think there are unaffected xt1, just people not testing it the same way. What you see on LCD monitor is the amplified image that depends on the aperture and ISO set and other settings. If they actually go and shoot long exposure and shine light to their ports they will have the leak on the final image for sure. Fuji just need to put a tape on the back of the ports. Simple but the cameras they are sold now had been assembled some time ago so it will take the time to get to production.

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