Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Re: Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

bparanoid wrote:

plasnu wrote:

How is it determining the vertical/horizontal position without the level without the gauge? Are you just talking about the gridlines?

No. When shoot vertically, the camera play back the file vertically. I think the camera still have some kind of device that can tell the camera position when shoot. No level indicator can be displayed on the LCD/EVF. I don't know if the indicator is just disabled, or camera only has a cheap vertical/horizontal position sensor which can't tell the level precisely as the one on NEX-7.

So we are assuming the A6000 is equipped with proper hardware for this feature but Sony decided to not include the programming. What were they thinking?

What are the chances this will show up on Sony's PlayMemories as a purchasable app?

Extra $5 for the level? LOL.

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