Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: On "exaggeration"

Great Bustard wrote:

Canon 5D + 50 / 1.2L @ f / 1.2, 1/50, ISO 1600

Despite it being a tightly framed shot. Would it have looked better at f/2.8 ISO 6400? Dunno. Maybe I should have tried for f/2.8 1/13 ISO 1600 and risked motion blur and/or camera shake?

In any case, what I'm saying is the DOF / sharpness, motion blur / camera shake, and noise all go hand in hand. Since the same total amount of light falls on the sensor for a given DOF and shutter speed for all systems, then anyone complaining of "razor thin DOF" has simply traded deeper DOF for a faster shutter speed and/or less noise.

Exactly, one can switch around those factors within the same format for different results, or even within different formats thanks to the lenses playing their role. I totally agree, it is all about personal choice and that is why i don't claim much difference in IQ between them, but many others do, usually the combative FF crew. For your above shot, which is very nice btw, i could have slapped a speed booster on a F1.4 for a F1 equiv which would have put me half stop closer. Or even Voigtlanders are a slightly faster option.

If you have the money to spend on a FF and F1.2 lenses, you have the money to buy a smaller format with faster glass, in the end there isn't much difference. You are correct, noise/SS/DOF/aperture are all connected when the same framing is used, so the biggest differences are non IQ related such as price, size, ergonomics, AF, ect.

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