Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: Long tele and close macro

TrapperJohn wrote:

Those are two areas where a larger sensor can be at a disadvantage.

With long tele, not only is the magnification less for a given focal length, the DOF can be too shallow at even moderate stops. That huge 300 F2.8 is actually being shot at F8 to get enough DOF back to get the subject fully in focus. True that one can crop a large sensor tele shot, but there's still no substitute for being able to visualize the actual image in the VF.

The thing is, you can get the lens that does the same job if you want, like for instance the new Tamron 150-600/5.6-6.3 which is doing the same job as a 75-300/2.8-3.15 on mFT. Not an expensive lens (as long lenses go) and seems to do a pretty good job. The 300/2.8 is of course a big and expensive lens, but it's giving the equivalent of a 150/1.4 on mFT, which would also be a big and expensive lens, if you could get one. Nowadays you can if you want - get a 200/2 (say the Canon at $5700 - it's a stunning lens, you wouldn't have to worry about the optical quality) and put a 0.7x speed booster behind it, and lo, you have a lens doing the same job as that 300/2.8.

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