Have you sold to Adorama?

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Re: Have you sold to Adorama?

2kcougar wrote:

Thank you for your responses. Most of the sold listings on ebay were between 275-340. I was figuring my offer would have been in the lower end of that range. I'll look into amazon. It might net me a higher return.

I won't deal with B&H. Their customer service reps have been rude and nasty when I've called. At least the reps at adorama were willing to answer all of my questions and really took the time to show me what I wanted the last time I was there.

sportmaster: I'll buy your D4 for $1600 I can't even believe they would think that was an appropriate price.

For those of you that have used Amazon, did you use the fulfillment by Amazon offer?

Thanks again!

Rude and nasty? B&H?

I've dealt with them for decades and have never experienced anything but excellent service and polite treatment. I'm certain that they train their staff this way. If you really have a gripe, just call them and speak to customer service. They actually listen to their customers.

I've gotten much better prices for my used equipment from B&H compared to Adorama or KEH. However, KEH does have good  prices on used photo equipment that they sell.


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