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ISO matters a little and lens cap ON matters a lot...

brooklyn geezer wrote:

some more testing - (this is absurd way to spend my time - I know.) and It seems to me to increase with lower shutter speeds as well. IF that helps anyone at all. But yeah seems to have to increase when lens is on A or length of exposure is long. Makes some sense I suppose you are telling camera to increase sensitivity to light and it sees a stronger leak -- prior to shutter release --

Im don't with this playing around for now. Just wanted to pass along what I see with my messing around.

You caught on to something here.  After seeing the example someone posted earlier with sunlight shining on the port from the window causing the flaring, I thought I'd try that when I got home.  I went outside on this very bright sunny day and opened the rubber flap.  I pointed the open ports directly at the sun and moved it around.  Nothing.  No flare at all.

After seeing your post now, I tried the LED flashlight test again (which of course is a little unrealistic condition) here inside my house.  With the lens cap OFF and the camera manually set to ISO 200, I could just BARELY see the flare and I had to position the light JUST right to even notice it.  However, if I set the camera to ISO 6400, I could see the flare a little better, but still not too much, which the lens cap is OFF.  Put the lens cap ON and the flare is very easy to produce and it flares very large and all the way across the screen.

Bottom line for me?  I don't really do much shooting with the lens capON ...and...I don't do any high ISO long exposure shooting at all (high ISO seems to make it a little worse, but not much at all, with the lens cap OFF)...so I hereby declare this a false alarm and a non-issue for me (me personally).   You all may come to a different conclusion, but I'm officially ignoring this because from my own testing, I think it be very unlikely that anyone using the X-T1 I have in front of me to produce this flare in a real shooting situation.

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