What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Missing the point...

Segaman wrote:

People like to live in the past.
It does look better than a dslr.
Its smaller.
And it looks cool for some people.

To me, its all these above hahahaha

Some people like to live in the past. Some people have preferences for ergonomics which you either don't understand, don't agree with, or possibly both. People have a wide range of different styles and preferences. Your dismissive references are more of an insight to your limited ability to allow for the variety of ways in which people use technology than an accurate representation of what the Fujifilm design in their X system are truly intending to accomplish.

I have used film cameras over the years and having the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings placed where they are on the X-T1 will facilitate much faster response times when doing image capture (for me). My hand is already on the lens barrel, why not be able to either zoom, focus, or change the aperture since I am already there? My thumb is already touching the shutter speed dial, why not take advantage of the position? I can quickly move my left hand from the lens barrel to the ISO wheel. Bingo!

You don't get it but, others love it. Such is life. Revel in what you do like and use a camera that works well for you.


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Life is good.

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