Battery Problem on Nikon D800: major battery drain & flashing green light when turned off!

Started Mar 6, 2014 | Questions thread
Roland Wooster Senior Member • Posts: 2,110
Definately not right

Something is not right, your battery should not go flat like that. The green light indicates some form of actvity (beyond just writing to the memory cards).

My green light flashes on an off (but only for a second) when I have my Pixel Battery Grip connected and I bump the buttons on the pixel grip. Even when everything is switched off.

However, it only flashes very briefly, and the battery doesn't seem to get impaced, so perhaps it's a slightly sub-optimal design by a 3rd party grip designer. I wonder if you have a battery grip attached or anything else connected to the camera that could be causing problems, GPS unit perhaps?

If you just have the camera and nothing attached and the green light comes on a stays on for ages even while it's switched off that's a problem.

If you're just talking about the green light being on while the camera clears the image buffer after sequence shooting and then turn it off, that's normal, but it shouldn't take more than a minute to empty even a full buffer, unless you have an incredibly old and slow memory card.


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