Has anyone bought a D800E in the past couple of months?

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Re: Has anyone bought a D800E in the past couple of months?

LFBera wrote:

AxelsHumanDad2 wrote:

I bought my D800E in October. I was never satisfied with what it produced compared to my D300 using the same 24-70 f/2.8. The images were soft overall, requiring more sharpening applied in ViewNX; +10 for D800E vs. +4 for my D300. I couldn't get it dialed in to where I was satisfied. Figuring I bought myself an expensive backup to my D300 I sent the `800 and the 24-70 to Nikon last month. Three weeks later(including shipping both ways) it is back and according to my primitive, preliminary tests it looks spot on now. I never went into it to check for the left focus issue as mine was off everywhere.


Since you´ve sent both your D800 and your 24-70mm to Nikon, have you checked if they´ve adjusted the AF fine tuning for this lens?

The AF fine tune in the menu is zero. Before sending it back, using Focal software and my own D.I.Y. tests I was all over from 0 to -20 in the menu. I never could repeat the same results.

It bugged me because the lens was super sharp on my D300 but less than stellar on my D800E. I'm convinced in my case, the camera was soft. I haven't tried the lens on my D300 since it returned from Nikon. I'm curious to see if the images from the cam-lens combo have changed at all.

I am happy with my D800E now.

For the cam: RPR Mirror Box, ADJ Auto Focus Operation, ADJ Mirror Angle, CHK a bunch of other things, General Check & Clean.

For the lens: ADJ Auto Focus Operation, CKD Resolution, CKD Exposure, CKD Infinity Focus, CKD Focusing Mechanism, CKD Zooming Mechanism, CKD Aperture Lever, General Check & Clean


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