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a funny think happened on the way to the forum

I checked my camera this morning and low and behold. the leak is there. frustrating but not a deal breaker. I would prefer perfect but I can manage.

This afternoon. I looked again out of curiosity and reading more of this forum. Gone? WHAT? yes gone.


I played around with settings. With lens 23mm on A I see leak easily. With lens off A very difficult to repeat leak at all, but I can manage to get it to leak slightly in bottom right corner of frame at all F-stops --but takes a lot of changing angle of torch - etc.  When on Auto - clear as day.  The purple banding when aperture is off A is difficult to reproduce.

Even stranger is that it is definitely the ports.  I can close door or cover ports no issues at all.  Shine all around edge of lens if in auto or manual no issue.  but with lens on A and light shining in ports it's very apparent.  WHen in manual hard to reproduce.

Curious as to if others see it more so with aperture in Auto.  Odd that would be the case - but it is on my camera and lens combo.

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