Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

John Motts wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

Just bugs me because I see so many people give that silly definition that sounds so cool, but it's simply gibberish. Bokeh is blur due to dof, if you like the bokeh, great, if you don't, then it's bad bokeh to you, but it still either exists or it doesn't exist.

It probably seems gibberish to you because you don't understand it.

Then explain it to me, let's see how you do.

If you compare the out of focus areas of an image shot with a cheap zoom lens with those from a real quality prime, obviously at the same aperture, there really is no question that the quality of the bokeh on the prime is far superior.

The blur between the two is different, but BOTH have REAL descriptions/qualities that DESCRIBE a real phenomenon, BLUR, get it?  Superior is another SUBJECTIVE TERM.

Bokeh is no less a quality than sharpness or distortion.

Ridiculous.  Distortion is a quality, it can be measured as oppossed to NO distortion.  Now tell me how we measure/define bokeh as anything other than aspects to real blur, to a REAL phenomenon in the real world that we can measure?  There is NOTHING outside the descriptions of real blur that is called bokeh, if so, let's hear the descriptions.  Smoothness, roundness, these are REAL physical qualities to REAL blur.  But you say bokeh is NOT JUST BLUR, so you should be able to describe bokeh beyond just giving me descriptions of different aspects of BLUR.

Tell me what BOKEH is, without explaining it by only giving descriptions of real blur?  YOU CAN'T. there is no such thing as BOKEH beyond what blur is, or you could describe this thing beyond blur WITHOUT having to use descriptions of blur, which is a real thing.  What part of bokeh is NOT BLUR, or a description of BLUR?  There is NONE, that's why no one can tell me, because there is none, meaning bokeh is NOTHING but blur due to dof, there IS NOTHING called bokeh that isn't contained inside blur and described by describing qualities and aspects of that real thing called blur.

You ought to try these things before you rubbish them.

Try waht?

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