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Re: Anyone tried this on other cameras?

Randy Benter wrote:

57even wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

57even wrote:

After all, if you shine a torch into the ports on other cameras they may have the same problem. In which case, this is not really a very big deal since without the torch noone would notice.

The issue was first noticed in real world use, then demonstrated by shining a light into the camera.

Real Example

Why do some people repeatedly insist that such real issues don't exist? The sharing of these issues and how to deal with them is one of the great benefits of participating in a gear forum. I hate wading through all the apologists posts to find useful information. If you can't stand to read about the weaknesses of a camera, then don't open threads that discuss those weaknesses. If it is not an issue for you, then move along.

Since this is not your forum I don't really think you are in a position to dictate what I can and cannot read or say, or complain when other people don't share your reaction. That's what happens in forums.

Yes, you are free to add as much noise to the forum as you wish. I appreciate other forum members whose contributions are more level-headed. I hate all the troll vs. fanboy banter; it just mucks up the place.

It is NOT a big deal even if you want to make it one, especially as most people can't even seem to replicate it.

I don't really see how anyone is making a "big deal" out of the issue. There is no need to exaggerate the issue and there is no need to blindly dismiss it. A simple exchange of information would be great.

I did not dismiss it. I wondered if a similar test of other cameras would highlight a similar issue. At least there is a workaround (use the RC app or the self timer or black tape). If the problem had come to light with the XE2 as well, then it would be a generic problem. Seems it is not.

Many problems in the build stage require a factory rework (Nikon D600, Canon 1D2) which is a lot more serious. No workaround unless you clean the sensor every week and risk voiding the warranty.

But some of the chicken littles have already sent their cameras back to Amazon and there is already another thread on this. Personally I would just carry on using the camera. If there is a fix I have a year to decide if I want to implement it.

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