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Sergeg wrote:

Thanks, that's exactly the desired effect, I wanted to get rid of the distracting background.

Yea, I hear you, but he's right, it's too much. Here's why: by doing it so much, you're drawing more attention to the post processing and background than the bride and attendants. No one thinks that cars and a street are all that weird or out of place, but blurry and over processed cars and street look very different from what we normally see and therefore stand out and draw attention away from your primary subject(s). Not only that, it's spilling over onto the ladies as well.

In short, it looks like you dripped water all over the page. Not a good look. A little could be nice, but this is over the top. I think you need to dial this back a good bit and place it farther away from the ladies.

Anyone who says they like this treatment is really responding to the general idea of soft focus which is always welcomed in wedding work. However, I think the proper application of this will be even more well received. It has to be carefully applied to enhance the overall image instead of taking it over.

And one more point - a bit difficult to change at this point, but certainly worth keeping in mind in the future - it's generally not a good idea to have people's heads right in front of trees and other vertical items. It's not as bad here as I've seen, but the negative aspect is still noticeable.

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