Gear upgrade, Olym 75mm 1.8 vs GX7+Sigma 60mm

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Re: Easy. Get the 60mm and whatever new camera you feel necessary.

A lot of options and directions you can go at this point, so this is just my own suggestion given my own experience now having quite a few lenses and use. The Olympus 45mm f1.8 is IMO a no-brainier choice that should be a part of your choices going forward. It is a fabulous portraid lens and reasonably fast, plus you can usually easily buy it for under $300. I use it all the time for children and older and it is never a disappointment in the stunning results it provides. If I was starting again it would easily be among my first few choices of lens I would consider having, it is just so good and relatively cheap. Try it and see where that puts you on your pathway to achieve your objectives, and then you still have money left over in your budget for additions lens or camera bodies (plus you won't regret it later down the road with new or better camera bodies).

You might also check out some of the great videos over on YouTube on this and other lenses. A wealth of information available there. Be sure to see David Thorpe's review of this lens, he has some of the very best and it can also help in your decisions.

Longer and other lenses can come too, but I believe the 45mm comes before the 60mm or 75mm in your case. Although Sigma's 60mm F2.8 lens (great, but not fast like the Olympus 75mm F1.8) can be purchased for about $200. new. Going the longer focal range lens might be less useful than the 45mm.

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