Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

Ontario Gone wrote:

Lets be honest, 2 stops of DOF is not world changing,

Depends on your world.

all i have to do is keep in mind the ratio of me vs subject/subject vs background.

You do realize what else the ratio of "of me vs subject/subject vs background" changes about your photo - a little thing called perspective.

With a "tiny" MFT sensor and a fast lens, i can still WOW the masses who use phones and a P&S.

If it's good enough for you and your audience, then you are right. The value of the degree of difference is very subjective - just like the value of smaller size & lighter weight.

Do i really need more blur to isolate her hands?

Good question - have you tried it? Or tried isolating her hands w/o making her arms look like she can drag her knuckles on the floor? (That little thing called perspective.) You can always make the same image with the larger sensor but you could not get the same blur+perspective with available lenses for the smaller sensor.

At this point now that we have F1.4 and even faster lenses for these formats, chasing the bigger bone just looks like a game of egos.

See, it's a matter of perspective. Try a longer, faster lens and it may look different!

My camera set me back $750 for the body, that's less than half of the cheapest FF right now.

So bragging about price is not also a game of egos?

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