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The noise complained about will not show in a print or in a normal size image for the web. Nikon has always gone lightly on the sharpening and on the noise reduction assuming that user might want to do that to his/her own taste in post. Why destroy data needlessly? For those those who do not care to post process there are settings in the camera that will achieve lower noise but with the attendant loss of detail, just like the Sony with the same size sensor.

You won't see the noise in normal size prints and web images because these output devices effectively smear away noise (and detail), so they essentially do heavy-handed noise reduction. For these output devices, good point-and-shoot cameras work just fine. Digital displays and TV sets are legitimate output deivces, though, and it's perfectly fair to view and judge pictures using them.

But the point isn't how much noise (and detail) you keep or you smear away, but how much noise there is to begin with. Nikon's 1"-type sensors are below par even for their size class:

Nikon 1 J3 vs. the competition (DPR's New Studio Scene, Low light, ISO 3200, RAW)

Nikon 1 J3 vs. the competition (DPR's New Studio Scene, Low light, ISO 3200, JPEG)

At this point, M4/3 cameras like the Olympus E-M10 and the Panasonic GM1 completely undermine the value, compactness and IQ proposition that Nikon 1 is ostensibly meant to be.

Are you kidding me? These are at iso 3200.

Yes, and also two of the cameras have larger sensors and to be fair, they should be set to ISO5440, or the nearest above.

They are all terrible, the J3 the worst.

Yes, but the DPR processing is totally wrong. Before I bought the V1 I downloaded their sample images, developed them the way I would develop my own and seen that the results are better than the D300s, so that was enough for me to make up my mind. Looking at the DPR samples is totally pointless unless you do your own processing.

Do you take pix with the J3 at 3200?

I don't know the J3, but yes, I take ISO3200 images with the V1.

I don't take my D700 past 1600 and I'm not that satisfied

I never went past ISO1600 with the D300s, but I do with the V1.

You seem pretty picky, let's see your portfolio... Maybe I can learn something

Yes, I was also looking for some images, but there is nothing. He is new, so I can understand that, never the less, being new to DPR and so critical to N1 raises some questions...

DPR's results are in agreement with my own observations, so please forgive me for taking your dismissal of DPR's results with a grain of salt.

My recommendation for others reading these comments is to take some of the hyperbole in this thread and others that equate the IQ of N1 cameras with APSC cameras such as the D300s and the D3200 with a grain of salt and look into the details for themselves and make decisions consistent with their own personal tastes and expectations. I have outlined a brief recommendation to another member in another thread in this forum in the following post:

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