New V2 Test shots

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Re: New V2 Test shots

olyflyer wrote:

dpr4bb wrote:

ragspix wrote:

Thanks for looking in and your comments

For the record I had NR off & shot raw.

For the cost of the J3 and sensor size; your satisfaction may never be realized.

The good news is, your satisfaction is probably only about a thousand dollars away with a larger sensor


I do have cameras with larger sensors, including a full-frame camera, but I was looking for a more compact system that did not involve the IQ compromises of high-end point-and-shoot cameras or the bulk/weight of APSC and full-frame cameras. I goofed and got myself a J3. And it wasn't cheap. Neither is the V2 for that matter. As I already mentioned in my last post, M4/3 cameras like the Olympus E-M10 and the Panasonic GM1 completely undermine the value proposition that the N1 system is ostensibly meant to be.

If you have cameras with larger sensors then you should know how to compare those. It seems like you don't know, which is why you draw these quick conclusions.

What makes you think my conclusions were drawn quickly? This is an incorrect supposition, rooted in unwarranted bias on your part. You are lashing out simply because you don't like and can't tolerate those conclusions.

As a matter of fact, I have spent a great deal of time post-processing RAW files produced by my J3 with CNX2 and LR5. I have in fact used some of your suggestions in dealing with chroma noise:

But the amount of noise produced by the sensor imposes a fundamental restriction on what you can accomplish.

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