New V2 Test shots

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Re: New V2 Test shots

olyflyer wrote:

win39 wrote:

The noise complained about will not show in a print or in a normal size image for the web. Nikon has always gone lightly on the sharpening and on the noise reduction assuming that user might want to do that to his/her own taste in post. Why destroy data needlessly? For those those who do not care to post process there are settings in the camera that will achieve lower noise but with the attendant loss of detail, just like the Sony with the same size sensor.

Exactly. I don't understand those who complain. Must be because they don't know how to use the camera.

Your automatic and dismissive conclusion that those of us who are not happy with the photos that we get from our cameras must necessarily not know how to use our cameras betrays a measure of prejudice and intolerance on your part that may explain why you don't understand those complaints and dismiss them out of hand as illegitimate.

Are the rest of use supposed to hush up and be happy with our cameras just because you are happy with yours? What entitles you to such authority?

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