Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

Both these photos have blurring, but with different qualities.

That's right.  The qualities are descriptions of a REAL thing--BLUR.  The roundness, smoothness, are descriptions, or QUALITIES, of something REAL, that is BLUR.  You are saying that quality ITSELF is a thing, if so, you should be able to give me aspects or QUALITIES of the real thing called quality, BEYOND THE BLUR.  The blur is REAL, so the softness, or roundness are DESCRIPTION of a real thing--BLUR.  Since you say bokeh is NOT just blur, then you should be able to give me some descriptive qualities of that quality, roundness and smoothness CANNOT BE IT, those are qualities of the BLUR.  Tell me what the bokeh is BEYOND THE BLUR, YOU CAN'T, it's that simple.

A real object has qualities, meaning you can describe it, measure it, agree with others that it has certain qualities. The chair has the qualoty of being brown, made of oak, and so on and so forth.

Bokeh has the qualities of being angular or smooth.

WRONG.  The BLUR has the qualities of being angular or smooth.  Are you saying that bokeh equals Blur?  That's what I am saying and have been arguing for.  You just gave descriptions or QUALITIES of blur.   Now will you admit that bokeh IS BLUR.  You continue to fail to tell me what it is WITHOUT DESCRIPTIONS OF BLUR.   Stop giving me descriptions of blur and tell me what bokeh is BEYOND BLUR.  Can you?  NO, YOU CAN'T.

Now, you give me the descriptive qualities of "IS THE QUALITY" You can't, there is no thing called a quality as an object or phenomenon. Saying bokeh IS THE QUALITY and then not being able to describe concrete aspects of that real thing like I can describe qualities or aspects of a chair shows clearly that saying bokeh IS THE QUALITY is a meaningless, gibberish statement.


Smoothness of what, the BLUR?  YEP!!!!  you still are giving qualities of BLUR, not something beyond blur.  It is you who is saying that bokeh IS NOT just blur, but you continue to fail to describe what it is beyond the blur that you claim it isn't equal to.  When will you describe what bokeh is BEYONG BLUR?  All you keep doing is giving me qualities of REAL BLUR.  Smoothness, agular shape, choppiness, those are qualities of blur.  You said bokeh is not the equivalent to blur, yet you can't give me a description of ANYTHING beyond the blur that you can call bokeh.

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