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Re: Yet another snapshooter...

Dave Sanders wrote:

What an extreme example! I mean, I imagine if your definition of serious photography consists of family snaps and surreptitiously taking pictures around town and calling it street photography, yeah, it's something you might never find. But god forbid you should do something out of the box like (shudder!) a long exposure or astrophotography with a cable release...I know, weird, right? Some people.

I get that this is an issue with daytime long exposures taken with the door open and a USB cable release. If you do that often, you need to do some testing and make an adjustment. Like use a Mic jack cable release and possibly cover the hdmi port with tape or a plug or wait for a fix from Fuji. Something along those lines.

What I don't get is why anyone thinks this is an issue with Astrophotography... Every single time I've done astrophotography it's been DARK outside. I know... that is radical. But... I can see some ways this issue might rear it's ugly head.

Maybe you are taking your long exposure starfield picture with a high intensity Halogen light pointed at the left side of your camera. Maybe, in the middle of your long exposeure you feel the need to use shine your bright led flashlight into the port cover to make sure the remote release is still plugged in. Or maybe you are taking your long exposure astro photograph in the middle of the day and the sun shines in your open port cover. Man you are screwed if any of those things happen during your astrophotography exposure. For your peace of mine though... in addition to your telescope, tripod and motor drive, telescope adapter, your red lensed flashlight, your batteries for your motor drive, your laptop and power inverter, your chair, your X-T1, you could go out of your way to bring a little piece of tape to cover your ports, you know...  just to be sure.

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