Has anyone bought a D800E in the past couple of months?

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Re: What left focus problem?

There was absolutely a very real left focus defect with some, not all, D800s and D800Es.  I ordered a D800E last June from Amazon and it had the problem.  This is not a subtle defect-- put three focus test charts up on a wall, align your camera on a tripod, and focus on each chart using left edge, middle, and right edge focus points.  The first D800E I received had a very obvious problem with only the left edge focal point.  So obvious that you could see it easily when the photo was displayed to fit a standard 1920x1200 computer monitor.  The middle and right focus points were perfect.

I returned that D800E to Amazon and they kindly shipped me two new D800Es.  Both of those were perfect.

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Having looked at 169 images posted on this forum claiming a D800 focus issue none tested to a standard which confirmed a focus issue!

169 to nil seems to indicate while the odd camera might have an issue there seems little evidence on this forum it is common. If it exists, the lack of pictures showing it exists seems to indicate it is rare.

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