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Reproducing Ansel Adams was not my point either. My point is this ridiculous statement that gets thrown around that equipment does not matter. There are no professions that require tools when the quality of the equipment does not matter. Of course it matter. Try being a sports or wedding photographer with a cell phone. Of course you can be an artist with a pin hole camera.

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I agree cameras are tools. A nail gun is usually faster than using a hammer. The argument can also be made that people have been making great photographs for decades, so while new tech advances and equipment makes it easier, how much does it matters if people improve their skills instead of relaying on the equipment? Look at this guy manual focusing: That is fast!

Which brings me to another question (actually deserves a thread on its own LOL): Why did we started taking photographs? and What do we enjoy about taking photographs?

For me it is all in the process. It is far more rewarding, fun and productive to go out and shoot full manual, no meter, no auto-focus, no nothing, than to really on the camera features all the time. Not only you don't learn anything, but it is boring. Granted, I use a lot of auto features, but I the same time I could live without them and still have fun and produce photos.

So the question remain: Does it really matter? For me it matters the degree to which I feel the camera getting out of the way and becoming part of me. Technical stuff, it doesn't.

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