Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

darngooddesign wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

darngooddesign wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

darngooddesign wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

In other words, definitions are definite, they have to be, if they are not definite then they are not definitions.

Not necessarily. "Warm" has a definition despite the fact that someone from the equator assigns a different temperature range to warm than someone from the arctic does.

Hilarious. Warm is not a quality, it is a subjective description of temperature. You said it yourself, since every person might have a different SUBJECTIVE FEELING about what warm is, it is a subjective term. The temperature of an object is a QUALITY of it. Whether someone perceives it as warm is subjective.

Nice try, though.

I was arguing that something does not have to be definite to have a definition.

Then explain one, because warm is not a definition, it is a subjective term. Adefinition describes something real.

Warm is not a definition, warm has a definition.

No, what is in the dictionary describes what PEOPLE may find as warm, it does not define warm as a real OBJECT.  in other words, what is in the dictionary is an explanation that warm is a subjective term.   Give me the parameters that mean WARM, can you or not?   Warm is subjective, It is stunning that you will not admit this obvious truth.  Warm is an OPINION.  You can describe someone as having an opinion, but warm is a CHANGING description depending on who is doing the describing.

The dictionary only says that there is a word called warm, and explains it as being subjective.  Saying the word warm exists is not a definition with concrete parameters.  So the best you can do here is say the word "Bokeh" exists, but you cannot tell me what it actually is BEYOND blur due to dof.   Blur is the ONLY real thing that can be called blur, there is NOTHING else in the photo beyond the blur that IS NOT SUBJECTIVE!!

A real object has qualities, meaning you can describe it, measure it, agree with others that it has certain qualities.  The chair has the qualoty of being brown, made of oak, and so on and so forth.

Now, you give me the descriptive qualities of "IS THE QUALITY"   You can't, there is no thing called a quality as an object or phenomenon.  Saying bokeh IS THE QUALITY and then not being able to describe concrete aspects of that real thing like I can describe qualities or aspects of a chair shows clearly that saying bokeh IS THE QUALITY is a meaningless, gibberish statement.

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