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Scott Greiff wrote:

FW Scharpf wrote:


I come from the Olymous EM-5 and plan to buy the A7R to use with my set of Canon lenses.

Today, I had the opportunity to play with an A7R for a while. To get usefd to the ergonomics may take a while, but it seems ok. What threw me off was the difficulty of selecting small and off-center focusing spots (which on the EM-5 simply takes a tap on the touch-sensitive LCD).

What I found, with the assistance of the salespersion, is that I have to press ther fn button to access the screen options, move to flexible focus and press ok before I can move the focus area. And, worse yet, that once I have made an exposure, the setting of the focus area is extinguished, and I must re-start the process all over again.

For my type of shooting, this would be a deal breaker.

But I can't believe that this should be so in the A7/7R. Please tell me that it isn't. And that there is a way to customize the camera so that the focus point may be moved to a location where it will stay until I move it again.

Now, I forget if I set this specifically for my camera, but the C1 button next to the shutter will bring up focusing options. You can spin the back directional pointer wheel (quick navi?) to scroll through the focus modes. Once the flexible spot is selected in the size you want, you can then just spin the front and back dials to position the off-center focus spot.

For the way I work most of the time, I have the medium size flexible spot pre-selected, so when I want to change the position of the off-center focus spot, I just hit C1, then I spin the back or front dials to move the spot to where I want it.


Thanks, Scott

that sounds promising.

But will the focus position still have to be re-set after each exposure? I hope not as this would be a major problem when I am taking a series of portraits trying to catch interesting expressions.

Try Eye AF. It works well. No need to move focus point around. Press the middle button and the camera will focus on the eye (small square box will light up over the eye in focus).

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