A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: Some crops with Olympus resized to 36 MP

CraigArnold wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Print size...cause at 100% of both the EM1 would be the one to print, of course you chop 10-20% off the bottom and sides of the A7r shot as well...but that would defeat a 24mm lens purpose?

Do you know how printing works?

If you want a print 30" on the long dimension the Sony will be printing at 240ppi and the Olympus at 153ppi. This is the whole point of having higher resolution.

Cool, thats great to know, but you'll be able to see the distortion and mushiness even better in the corners and sides?

150 ppi should give a good viewing distance, and even 16" X 24" would be good for me as well which would allow 200 pip

And in the middle at the right focal lengths (which is where most people will be looking most of the time) - well no contest: the Sony runs off with the trophy.

Which focal length were you thinking?

Well 28,35,50, and 70 for portraits where the edges are hardly relevant. Is this a trick question?

No Sir, I have the super sharp FE 55mm for Portraits, never thought about the zoom being used for that to be honest, but a good point...and the 42.5 f/1.2 m43 will do portraits well also...

Can't stand 28mm or I would have kept the Nikon Coolpix A or buy a Ricoh GR...24mm is actually what I am looking for, for acceptable landscapes...

35mm I have RX1 which is excellent...

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That doesn't mean what you think it means or you have a very odd sense of humour.

another misled soul...when ever you resize a 16Mp shot to 200% and the 36Mp to 100% what do you think you will see...

Like I stated before try your Nex-6 16Mp at 200% and the 36Mp A7r at 100%...

Some folks are cringing at the idea of a m43 or even a 16Mp sensor being close to the A7r...me too...

I'm not cringing over it at all. It's fully expected under some circumstances.

I wasn't referring to you in particular, just some folks are a little shocked including myself...

Talk is cheap and so is up sizing 16Mp vs 36Mp...lol...

Really? Laughing out loud over what exactly?

Why would someone resize a perfectly good photo? Doesn't make sense at all for me...kinda makes me want to laugh...especially for a Landscape Shot...why not use the original?

Lets be honest and just use 100% Crops folks of both photos...that would be fair would it not?

Surely everyone expects the stunning Olympus lenses made for smaller format to be much better than lenses made for larger formats. I mean seriously is there anyone who didn't? But what most of us are concerned with is overall system resolution - the kind that makes its way to the final print.

No, Oly has some mediocre Lens as well, but their PRO Grade are game changers, and I should add the Panny 42.5 f/1.2 is as well...leveling the playing field so to speak...

Do you ever burst into a greengrocers should out loudly "Hah apples - I told you so!" and then walk out laughing derisively to the bemused expressions of the proprietor and other customers?

Yes, but they were shouting "oranges" the whole time...lol...

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