D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: Dave Mind made up and deals done!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dave,

I went to Focus and spent a long time with several  Nikon reps and some l of my colleagues who have D800.

D4-- Too large and expensive for me.

DF- heart could have ruled my head, nice, small but no video and expensive for what it is, for me at least.

D610 - Advised by Nikon staff and dealers that I would not be satisfied with the camera feel/handling being an D700 user, a step backwards.

D7100 as above.

All I have spoken to who own a D800 or D800e believe it to be a fantastic camera and a very worthwhile  step up from   D700. I had intended to keep my low mileage D700 but the collective opinions were that" It would stay on the shelf gathering dust" once I had used the D800.

There is very little learning to do if you are already an experienced D700 user.

Can be used as a D700 but if you require that extra quality for very large prints or you peep at 100% you need to have a good lens and take care.

My only small concern is slightly slow frame rate but more important to me is "The decisive Moment".

A colleague who recently purchased a full D800 kit with everything but the kitchen sink (a big investment) and is a professional product and industrial photographer used his for the first time at a wedding and told me he was stunned by what he was able to achieve with this "Small" camera. His normal use for the camera is within his studio or out on the industrial sites. His background is 5X4 and Medium format.

His advice to me was "Just buy it". His only warning was that it would slow lightroom down quite a lot.

So the deal done, D700 sold to a friend, no going back, fingers crossed.


John Bow. North Wales

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